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Classical Ballet

Syllabus: ATOD

Basic Skills through to an Advanced Level

Classical ballet defines the foundation techniques used in many other dance genres. We encourage all our students to participate in our ballet classes as it benefits most of our other styles.

Students progress through grades - if mentally and physically ready dancers are invited to sit examinations. 

Selected students may be invited to participate in solo lessons and competitions in Classical.

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Competition & Recreational

Basis of all modern dance - strongly cemented in technique which develops high skill levels. A combination of commercial jazz and broadway/musical theatre are taught at MJ. High energy fun class for all ages.


Exams are available with the ATOD Syllabus.


Hip Hop

Competition & Recreational

This high energy class teaches foundations in various hip hop styles including break, funk, popping, etc. Hip Hop combination and routines are also taught in the class.


Exams are available in ATOD Syllabus.



Competition & Recreational

In acrobatics, you work to strengthen your muscles and flexibility. In the beginning, students work on the basics; rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and backbends which then progresses into more intricate tricks as the students strengthen their skills. 


Competition & Recreational

Originally formed by elements of classical, modern, and jazz styles. Taught in our competition and open class - it is one of the most popular styles today. Often based on classical technique.

Exam available with the ATOD Syllabus.  




At MJ, students are invited to become soloists if we feel they will benefit from the experience and have the correct aptitude and skills

Foundation Classes

Prerequisite for all exam classes

Stretch & Conditioning Classes

Three levels available includes working on turns, kicks, and leaps. 

Boys Foundation Classes Available


Competition & Recreational

Syllabus ATOD

Basic skills through to an Advanced Level. 

A style of dance in which the dancer sounds out audible beats by rhythmically striking the floor. Examinations and solos are offered to those who are showing the necessary skills.  

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