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MJ Dance Students are required to wear a uniform as it promotes the correct mindset for class, ensures the safety of movement, and ensures all students feel equal in terms of attire. Uniforms are available at our reception desk. 

uniform x2.jpg

Classical Ballet Uniform

Please find the link below to find class uniform

We pride ourselves on bringing a professional environment throughout our classes including uniforms that coincide with our repertoire and standard of dance. 

Ballet shoes, leotard and hair must be in a bun



Please note hair must be tied up

Anything comfortable, nothing baggy. We encourage students to wear with MJ T-Shirt which can be purchased from the reception desk.

Competition Classes

Competition students are required to wear anything plain black (firm fitting) and/or uniform pieces.

Class jackets, t-shirts, leggings all available from the reception desk. 

Competition bomber jackets and jumpers from dance station apparel


Anything comfortable, not too baggy. We encourage students to wear the MJ shirt which you can purchase from the reception desk.

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