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Terms & Conditions


If any classes are to be affected by Government Restrictions due to COVID-19 competition, ballet, advanced acrobatics, stretch classes will be rescheduled or a zoom session will be provided depending on restrictions. You will be provided with this information on the Private Facebook Page

Recreational classes will be credited if any classes are to be affected by Government Restrictions due to COVID-19

Any enquires related to this please email

Child Safety:

All children who come to MJ Dance Studio have a right to feel and be safe. MJ Dance is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people accessing our services.


The welfare of the children in our care will always be our priority. We aim to create a child-safe and child-friendly environment where children feel safe and have fun.


This policy was developed in collaboration with all our employees. Volunteers and the children who use our services and their parents' applies to all our employees, volunteers, children, and individuals in the organisation.


Fee Payment

Term Tuition - pay in full per term **Competition Teams will incur extra charges

Registration Fee $25 for recreational or $50 per competition .. Annual Charge - 1 fee per year


Payment Terms

  1. All term fees must be paid strictly within 28 days of the invoice. If this has not adhered to the student will not be able to participate in classes until fees are paid in full.

  2. ALL fees paid are non-refundable including if the student decides to withdraw from MJ Dance Studio at any stage throughout the term.

  3. Sports vouchers will only be accepted in the first week of the school term. Please hand it to the reception desk. 

Code of Conduct:

ALL MJ Dance studio students, parents, and staff are bound by our Code of Conduct - absolutely NO exceptions. By signing this Code of Conduct you agree to abide by the conditions as set in this MJ Dance studio Code of Conduct.


  • Teach children that an honest effort is always as important as a victory.

  • A child learns best by example. Applaud all dancers on the stage.

  • Always respect the use of the facilities and leave the studio, theatre, venue, and dressing rooms clean and tidy.

  • Encourage everyone and not openly gossip or criticise others in the classroom or at any competition or event.

  • Absolutely NO filming or photography unless permitted by the Studio Director and the Parent/Guardian. This includes your own child and others.

  • MJ Dance is a family and we support each other and just as importantly we support all other competitors from all other Studios. Polite and respectful behaviour towards teachers, fellow students, and all competitors from all other Dance Studios is expected at all times.

  • No intimidation or harassment will be tolerated. Should this occur in any class or outside of class (including Eisteddfods or Workshops) by any student and/or parent, they will be asked to leave class, Eisteddfod, or any Workshop immediately.

  • Whilst students are asked to respect their teachers and fellow dancers, we expect that parents and teachers will follow these rules without question. We DO NOT tolerate any negative communication between parents, students, and teachers. This includes students, parents, and teachers from ANY other Dance Studio.

Bullying behaviour can include but is not limited to the following: 

  1. Verbal abuse or shouting

  2. Physical abuse

  3. Excluding or isolating a person

  4. Psychological harassment

  5.  Humiliating a person through sarcasm, criticism, or insults (including bullying through online systems)

  6. Ignoring or belittling a person's contribution or opinion


  • MJ Dance is a positive and fun environment, any form of

bullying or bad behaviour has zero tolerance and the below action will be taken.

  • Any issues will be resolved directly with the people involved and action will be taken as follows,

1. Verbal warning

2. Dismissal from MJ Dance


MJ Dance encourages the early reporting of any allegations of bullying. Where any person feels that they are the victim of any bullying, they should discuss the matter directly with the person/people concerned and request an immediate end to the said behaviour.

Should this approach fail or be inappropriate, the victim can raise the matter with the Director.


Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who victimizes or retaliates against the person who has made a complaint.


Media & Injury Release Form

Release for Photography and Videography


MJ Dance reserve the right to use video footage and/ or photographs of my student unless otherwise stated in writing.


This usage may include (but is not exclusive to) displaying publicly, distributing, or publishing, photographs, and/or video of my child for use in materials that include but may not be limited to,


  1. Printed Materials

    1. Online and offline advertising and promotion

    2. Videos and digital images for use on Social Media.


Any identifying information including surname and location will not be used in conjunction with any video or digital images.


Health & Information and Medical Release/Waiver


Participation in dance is potentially dangerous and there is an inherent risk of injury involved. My student dances at his/her own risk.


In allowing my child to participate in MJ Dance activities, I hereby assume all risks associated with the performing arts. I understand the importance of myself and my child following the instructions and rules set by their instructor/s and I agree to release MJ Dance and its Studio Director. Employees and contractors of all liability that may arise because of my student's participation in activities at MJ Dance.



  1. MJ Dance is responsible for ensuring you and/or your child/children are medically fit for all classes.

  2. MJ Dance Studio takes all reasonable care in conducting classes but accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused in or near the classes. MJ Dance Studio is not responsible for any personal property. 

  3. Any children in the student premises who are not MJ Dance Studio students must be supervised accordingly at all times. 

  4. Please ensure your student/s are collected promptly to ensure the timely start of following classes. We are not responsible for students waiting before or after classes. 

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